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Cuba as Alternative - An Introduction to Cuba's Socialist Revolution
Edited by Neville Spencer. (2000. 112 pp, $11.95)
Introduction: Cuba as alternative by Neville Spencer
I. Cuba's economic, social and political alternative
II. Cuba's revolutionary history and example
III. A socialist island in a sea of capitalism
Bibliography and selected readings

Labor and the Fight for Socialism
(First published 1985. Second edition 1988. 79 pp, $3.00 )
Introduction by Steve Painter
The ALP and the fight for socialism Resolution of the Democratic Socialist Party
The ALP, the Nuclear Disarmament Party and the 1984 elections by Jim Percy
SWP policy in the 1987 federal elections by Doug Lorimer

The collapse of 'communism' in the USSR
Its causes and significance

By Doug Lorimer (1997, 48 pp, $5.50)
Stalinism in the Soviet Union
The International Impact of Stalinism

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